ENG 236
Liu, Alan. University of California at Santa Barbara, Fall 2013.

Social Media Design & Build

COMM 499
Berens, Kathi Inman. University of Southern California, Fall 2012.

DH: Digital Humanities Proseminar

INFO 290
Hearst, Marti. University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2013.

Digital Humanities Methods and Practices

MALS 75500/ASCP 81500
Dwyer, Arienne M. CUNY, Spring 2013.

21st Century (Ph.D. Lab in Digital Knowledge)

Davidson, Cathy. Duke University, Spring 2013

Adventures in Digital History

Hist 4713c
McClurken, Jeff. University of Mary Washington, Spring 2010

Adventures in Digital History 3.0

HIST 471C3
McClurken, Jeff. University of Mary Washington, Spring 2012


EMAC 6361
Parry, Dave. University of Texas at Dallas, Spring 2010

The Civil War and Reconstruction Online

Pinsker, Matthew. Dickinson College, Summer 2012

Computing for Poets

LeBlanc, Mark. Wheaton College, Spring 2012